10 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

1. A student mistakenly solved an impossible problem – George Bernard, once in 1939 arrived late to his university statistics class and found two problems written on the board. Not knowing they were statistical theorems that have not been proven yet, he jotted them down thinking that was a part of his homework assignment. He took the assignment home and worked out the proofs for the theorem.

2. Crickets can tell you the temperature – Crickets are cold blooded animals and take on the temperature of their surroundings. The frequency of the chirping varies according to the temperature. The interesting part is that there is a formula which can be used to estimate the temperature outside by counting cricket ‘chirps’.


3. Celery is a negative calorie food- Now you might have heard about this myth before but would have thought how is this even possible. Researchers have tested this by putting a man in calorie chamber. He was fed celery worth of 53 calories. During that period he burned 72 calories. Celery provides you with far few calories than it will take your body to digest.

4. Pablo Picasso’s full name has 23 words – His full name is Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso.

5. The 8th president was the first American- Unlike the 7 presidents who came before him, Martin Van Buren was the first one who was born as citizen under constitution and not the former subject of the British crown .

6. Twins can be born months apart – In November 2014 a Romanian women who was expecting twins gave birth to one daughter prematurely at 7 months, but shortly after, her contractions stopped. The doctors advised her to keep the baby inside and let it develop more. She carried her second child for seven more weeks and gave birth to her in January 2015.


7. Otters sleep holding hands – Otters have been known to hold hands while they sleep in the water to prevent drifting away from each other.

8. A building in Canada is also in US – Haskell Free Library and Opera House is a neoclassical  building that sits on the border between Derby Line, Vermont and standstead, Quebec. This remarkable institution has attracted visitors from around the world.

9. Albert Einstein wanted to be musician – the renowned physicist once said that if he were not so good at physics, he’d be a musician. He’d specifically play the violin.

10. Coca-Cola used to contain cocaine – It’s difficult to tell how much amount did the early forms of this fizzy drink contained. However, it’s doubtful it had enough in it to make someone an addict.




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