4 Most Disgusting And Weird Delicacies Around The World

These 4 foods might be exotic delicacies in some areas but are the strangest foods to ever exist.

  • Balut – It is a fertilized duck egg which is boiled and eaten from its shell. This treat was originated in Philippines and is now the most commonly sold food. Now there is a special way of  devouring it and if you love hard boiled eggs you’re halfway there.
  1.  crack open the shell from one of the ends and peel off a small hole in the membrane lining.
  2.  Now sprinkle some rock salt and gulp down the fluid.
  3.  Next peel and eat as you would eat a hard-boiled chicken egg.

  • Shirako – If you’ve ever been to japan you might have heard about this delicacy, they are cream colored sperm sacs of male (usually Cod) fish. They are either served poached, grilled or fried and are the most prized portion of the fish.                                                                                                                
  • Century Eggs: They are preserved eggs but don’t you worry they are not preserved for 100 years as the name suggests. The process actually takes a few months , and involves soaking eggs of duck, quail or chicken in a saline solution which causes the texture of the yolk to become creamy and cheese-like and the white turns into a dark jelly. They are often served with pickled ginger but can also be served alone.                                                                                                                                                               
  • Locusts – a few years back Israel was hit by a plague of locusts and sent the nation into panic. However, they were welcomed by the chefs once they discovered they were tasty and has been a delicacy ever since. They are said to taste like a combination of a sunflower seed and a baby shrimp. They are usually served deep fried.                                                                       

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