Artist creates optical illusions that will blow your mind!

You just looked at this beautiful painting of the Angelfish but did you notice something unusual about this Angelfish? Look again and if you sill don’t get it, watch the video below and let it blow your mind!



Johannes Stoetter, an Italian artist and musician, creates and transfers his ideas on live models instead of canvases, his inspiration coming from nature and spirituality. At first, when you look at the picture, it looks like a hyperrealistic image of an animal but upon looking closely, you realize that it’s just models with body paint positioned in different angles.

Stoetter came up with this brilliant idea in 2013 when he was actually working on another project. He said that the model’s leg reminded him of a frog’s leg and decided to work on his idea to create a frog with models. “I knew immediately that it would be something very special,” he told INSIDER.

A lot goes on to get the perfect shot. Firstly, the World Bodypainting Championship winner gets his models to pose for him in different angles and positions. Next, he sketches the idea of how he would want the final shot to look. It then takes him around 7 days to paint the backdrop. He is then able to paint his models, which can take around 2-10 hours. After getting everything ready, he takes around 100 photos to get the perfect shot. According to him, even the slightest movement, sometimes even a breath, can change the whole image.

Lastly, he shoots a video of his models disassemble from the constructed scene as sometimes his art is so fine that only a video of his models walking away from the scene makes a viewer realize that it was just an illusion.

Below are a few brilliant artworks of his and I challenge you to count the number of models posing in every image.


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