Century long Oreos vs Hydrox feud is heating up again

Who doesn’t love creme filled chocolate sandwiches with a glass of milk? From all the available choices, Oreos have been everyone’s favorite for over a century.

Apparently, Oreos weren’t the first introduced sandwich cookies in the market. Sandwich cookies, similar to these debuted in 1908 by the name of Hydrox, four years before Oreos were introduced, overtook Hydrox as the sandwich cookie favorite, eventually making them go out of business. Hydrox was discontinued in 1999, however, they are now back with a bang! Hydrox was relaunched in 2015 by a company called Leaf Brands. Wanna know the brands new tagline? It is quite the one – The original sandwich cookie is back, don’t eat a knock off!

Its comeback wasn’t taken easy by Mondelez (Oreos parent company), who tried to sabotage its competitors sale.

On August 6th, Hydrox cookies took it to Facebook to express their frustration and announced that they had filed a FTC (Federal Trade Commission) complaint against Mondelez.


Wondering how Mondelez could do that? It uses direct delivery methods which allows company workers to restock the products instead of the grocery stores themselves.

These claims were rejected by the Mondelez spokesperson saying “We are confidant that this accusations has no merit. The Oreo brand is an iconic one, with a proud, rich history of delivering great tasting products and exciting innovations to our customers for more than a century. This focus, and our commitment to operating with integrity, has made Oreo America’s favorite cookie”.

Lets hope these companies sort out their issues in the near future and let the customers choose the cookie of their liking.





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