Craco – The Ghost Town

The town of Craco has stood uninhabited for many years. Though the town survived plagues, centuries of wars and volcanic eruptions, in the end it was landsliding that forced evacuation.

Craco is located in the province of Matera, in the southern Italian region of Basilicata. People had lived in this hilltop village since the 10th century BC.

This ghost town was once a monastic center, a feudal town and a center of education. Its landmarks include a university, a church, a palace and various plazas.

The chain of events set off by landslides, floods and poor soil conditions caused the forced evacuation of the residents in the 1960s, to a neighboring town.

Even though it was left empty, life returns to this medieval ghost town during religious festivals in summer. The abandonment has made Craco a tourist attraction. Moreover, due to its unique and spectacular landscape, this town has been used as a setting for many movies like Saving Grace, Quantum Of Solace and many others.

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