Home That Runs On Dunkin’

Most of us need our coffee fix every morning to keep us running through out the day. Turns out we’re not the only ones, this trailer is powered by coffee grounds as well.
Dunkin’, formerly known as Dunkin Donuts, partnered with Blue Marble Biomaterials (a biochemical company) to create eco-friendly fuel from 65,000 pounds of spent coffee grounds. It’s achieved in three simple stages.

Step 1 – Oils are extracted from used coffee grounds.
Step 2 – The extracted oils are then reacted with alcohol (transesterification) which produces biodiesel and glycerin as byproduct.
Step 3 – Biodiesel is then refined to create a final product.

The trailer was built in collaboration with New Frontier Tiny Homes in little more than three months. Its chic interior was inspired and designed by Olivia Wilde; an actress and an environmentalist.

Key features of this aesthetic home include

  • Chef’s kitchen with high end appliances and a farmhouse sink
  • Full-size, designer bathroom with spa tub and washer/dryer
  • King-size bed
  • Living room for two and cozy coffee nook with beautiful picture frame windows
  • Full-size cedar porch
  • Modern finishes like subway tile, slate countertops, solid walnut floors, reclaimed wood siding and shiplap.                           (Excerpt taken from dunkinathome.com)


Dunkin’ home was also listed on Airbnb for only $10 a night. Unfortunately it’s available for a limited time (16th Oct-26th Oct) and is already booked up.
But don’t worry Dunkin’ has got your back, click here to view 360 view of the home that they posted for people like us who cannot visit.











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