Human Skin Boots Are A Thing!

Fashion duo, Hannah Rose Dalton & Steven Raj Bhaskaran of Matieres Fecales are known for their unique and futuristic designs. But their latest item, thigh-high human skin boots are not just otherworldly but creepy AF!

Sara Sitkin, who specializes in creating replicas of body parts along with the pair designed these thigh high beauties to resemble the wearer’s feet. From the devil horns, individual toes, heals in shape of bone, to the flesh tone of heels, she has truly made the imaginary into reality. The pair is also designed to have realistic hair, moles, and uneven skin tone to make it seem more real.

According to Vogue, the idea behind the footwear is what the duo believes humans would look like as a result of body modification, advances in technology and social media.

People have different reactions/takes on the creation. Some describe it as disturbing whereas others describe it as a piece of art.

Starting at $10,000, these customized pairs don’t come cheap, but not to worry, the designers are planning to make a cheaper version. “We’re thinking pumps,” said Bhaskaran.



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