Myths about animals and their sense of vision, debunked!

There are some misconceptions when it comes to animals and their vision.

  1. Bulls are angered by the color Red- Bulls along with all the cattle are red green colorblind.Thus, the bull is likely to be irritated not by the cape’s color but it’s movement as the matador whips it around.If you’ve watched any of those bullfights you would have noticed that the bull will charge with the same fury at the matador’s larger cape. Yet the color of the cape is a different color than red. 
  2. All bats are blind-The saying ‘Blind as a bat’ is actually incorrect as all the species can see, it’s just that some prefer using their hearing sense over their eyes.There are few species of bats which can actually see in daylight and in color. One of the groups known as Megachiroptera are medium-sized and large bats which feeds on fruits, nectar, small insects and animals. these bats have large eyes and developed brain visual centers which enables them to use their sense of vision to capture their prey.        
  3. Cats and dogs are colorblind- It has been assumed for a long time that dogs and cats can only see in black and white. Scientists have found this to be just a myth. Cats and dogs do see in color, however they see color in different way. to see in color we use 3 types of cones which are red, blue and green. Cats and dogs do not have red cones which means that they cannot see red and have some difficulty in distinguishing some colors. They also have less cones compared to humans . These reasons make colors they can see limited and less vibrant.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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