Nefertiti – Beauty Of Nile

Nefertiti (The beautiful one has come) — a woman as beautiful as her name has become a beauty icon ever since her bust was discovered by German Oriental Company in 1912 during the excavation of the long forgotten city of Amara, Egypt.5a40c130c3f7cc09f95167c309c2044f

Carved from limestone, covered with gypsum stucco and then painted, this 44 pound life-sized bust screamed nothing but beauty; the graceful curve of her neck, high cheekbones, sharp nose, elegantly arched eyebrows and one crystal rock eye which makes her look like a real gem. But there is more to her than just her beauty which makes her an important figure in Egyptian history.

Little is known about her life prior to her marriage to Akhenaten, an Egyptian Pharaoh. Some believe she was of Egyptian blood, while according to others she was a foreign princess. Her unique queenship is shown on the in-wall painting within tombs and temples, where she is depicted as an equal alongside her husband. Not just that, she is often seen in positions of authority and power.

imagesThe queen and her husband were responsible for the religious revolution which had the country undergoing a major change – shifting to monotheism rather than worshipping many gods.

Around the 14th year of Akhenaten’s rule, Nefertiti disappeared from the historical records. Some historians believe she died of the plague, others believe she took on a masculine identity and become co-regent to pharaoh. However, what exactly happened to her is still unknown.


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