Police and the ‘Wanted’ guy have a hilarious social media exchange.

On Nov 28, Richland WA Police Department as a part of ‘Wanted Wednesday’ posted a mugshot of Anthony Akers, who was wanted for allegedly violating his probation. What the department didn’t expect was the very first comment to be by Anthony himself saying: “Calm down, I am going to turn myself in.”

Police amused by his reply played along by posting the working hours of the department and even offered him a free ride.

The Offender didn’t show up as promised and told police in another comment that he would show up in the next 48 hours.

This exchange between the police and offender got a lot of attention from the public and people were actually looking forward to Akers’s or the police’s next actions. In the same thread when a member of the audience asked if he showed up or not, the Department replied with “he has not.”

The Washington Police department posted again on the following Monday after being stood up many times to which Akers apologized and wrote about how he had commitment issues and he will turn himself in before lunch the next day.

Even though Anthony took his sweet time he finally showed up for his date with the police officers. Too bad he didn’t get flowers.

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