Say Goodbye To The Melting Ice cream Cone Mess!

Almost everyone can relate to sticky fingers after having a delicious ice-cream cone on a hot summer day.
Drip Drop is here to save your life. Sam and Oliver, two ice-cream loving teenagers who were tired of a melting mess everytime they had a cone, came up with the idea for their school invention competition in 5th grade. In 2015, they also got a chance to get featured on Shark Tank.

What is Drip Drop and how does it solve the problem? It is an edible cookie ring which slides up the cone and catches the melting drips. The ring, not only avoids the sticky mess but, it also adds more flavor to the ice cream. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly. Did you know that, at average, 3 napkins are used to help clean the mess for every ice cream cone that is consumed.
Their aim is to increase the enjoyment of eating ice-cream by eliminating mess and adding a cookie treat.
As of right now, Drip Drop comes in two flavors-plain and chocolate covered, with an option of decorating the treat with sprinkles, M&Ms, etc. Yummmmm
The boys are still figuring out ways to fund this project and make it available to the public soon. If you’d like to fund or know more about this no mess cookie treat visit


Enjoy the Summer Fun Without the Mess


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