The Worst Alphabet Book Ever

Alphabet books/flashcards are known to be so boring and simple that they tend to be an insult to a child’s creativity.

However, when Chris Carpenter and Raj Haldar were visiting their mutual friends and saw their friend’s kid, playing with alphabet flashcards, they come across the letter Q for Quinoa card. They had a good laugh about it as it was entertaining to them because which little kid would know or care about quinoa? It was a terrible Q word and it wasn’t even a phonetic. They told BoredPanda.

In that moment they came up with the idea to create and publish their own alphabet book with different and weird silent letter words.

For the first few months the duo shared a google document in which they would occasionally add words. While working on it they realized that it was easier to find words for some letters like “K”  or “P” whereas for other letters it was much more difficult and trickier to choose words.

Chris is a computer programmer and Raj, otherwise known as LushLife is a rapper. Considering their lack of experience in the publication/writing world, they didn’t realize how long the whole process would take. From multiple revisions of the book to searching for an illustrator who could bring their book to life just like how they imagined it, would be a tough job.


According to Chris, parents/adults tend to under estimate children when teaching them new concepts or they present them with an over simplified version of everything. He believes kids are almost as smart as adults. All thats different is that they lack wisdom and communication skills. “It can be enormously frustrating, for example, to have a particular set of spelling rules drilled into one’s head, only to discover later that “I before E” is a giant conspiracy. Of course, the basics are important too, but why not hint at a more complete picture from a relatively early stage, and trust that our kids can handle it? Our hope is that P is for Pterodactyl fills the latter role. Also, kids should reach for our book because of the purple turban-wearing pteranodon with a skin condition.” He told Bored Panda.

You can grab this hilariously amazing book from Amazon and have an interesting time reading it with your kids while trying to explain it to them.





Someone Created “The Worst Alphabet Book Ever” And You’ll Have A Hard Time Reading It

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