Top 10 Silliest and Dumbest Lawsuits Ever!

When you think of the word lawsuit, you’re likely to begin pondering over something serious happening. Such a word is typically accompanied by someone getting in trouble, and a dollar sign with a scary amount of zeros involved. For some people however, the judicial proceeding clearly isn’t that significant in their eyes. Below you’ll find some of the silliest and ludicrous lawsuits ever made.

Michael Jordon’s not so happy lookalike:You-Look-Like-Michael-Jordan

Allen Heckard, Michael Jordon’s lookalike, was tired of people assuming him to be the former NBA star so he tried filing a lawsuit against Jordon and the founder of NIKE for $800 million. However, due to circumstances he dropped the suit.

The man who sued himself:Screen-Shot-2017-08-25-at-8.17.50-PM.png

Robert Lee Brock filed a lawsuit against himself for $5 million. According to him, he violated his own right when he got drunk and got himself arrested. Even more mind boggling is that he asked the State of Virginia to pay him as he was sentenced for 23-year jail time, which would make him incapable of earning a monthly income for himself.

Result: The court dismissed his case for being frivolous.

The “Monkey Selfie” Dispute.jpg

You might remember, a few years ago a selfie of a monkey took over the internet for its adorableness. Since not many people know, here is the backstory. A British photographer decided to take a break from clicking pictures of macaques and left his camera unattended. The innocent monkeys took the opportunity and snapped some pics of themselves. Due to the pictures taken by Naruto, the macaques went viral on the internet. The PETA ( People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) sued him on behalf of the monkey. claiming Naruto was the owner of the photograph under US copyright laws

Result: Both parties came to an agreement after fighting for years.

The Most Expensive Pair of Pants:


Custom Cleaner, a family owned business once lost a pair of pants that unfortunately belonged to a Washington DC judge. The judge sued the business $64 millions, for losing his pants and causing him mental suffering, inconvenience and discomfort. He later reduced the charges to $54 million – How considerate of him.

Result: The owner of the business held up the pair of pressed pants in court and said “these are your pants” making the plaintiff leave the courtroom with tears in his eyes.

Scratches worth $40 Million


A gas explosion. followed by fire in March 2015 in New York caused massive destruction and injuries. However, two women who loved a few buildings down the site of explosion, tried to sue the city for $40 million claiming that the explosion caused them mental trauma and a few scratches.

Dinner with a homeless


Bernard Bey, a homeless man filed a lawsuit against his parents claiming that his homelessness and current situation was a cause of their neglect over the years. He’s now demanding $200,000 for feeling unloved and abandoned. Yet it doesn’t stop here, he also wants his parents to mortgage their house and buy two Domino’s Pizza franchises.

But here’s the twist, he’s ready to completely drop the lawsuit if his family will sit and have dinner with him.


Grenada Vs Granada[p'p

Planning a holiday abroad, make sure to check all the minute details because you wouldn’t want to end up like this British dentist.

The dentist wanted to visit Granada, Spain and was looking forward to it . Imagine his surprise when he lands in Grenada in the Caribbean after a long 9 hour flight.

When the British Airlines refused to reimburse the guy and his travel buddy, he decided to sue them for $34000 in damages.

Suicidal And The Subway Train Authoritytubeblur

Milo Stephens Jr. thought it would be a great idea to jump in front of the subway train to die. As Luck would have it, nature gave him another chance to see the light of another day . However, he didn’t come out in one piece.

A few months later, his family sued the Subway Train Authority for $650000, claiming that the driver didn’t slow down in time. Surprisingly, they won the case. But, this nutcase of a person tried to kill himself again using the same method. Luckily, the Authority did not have to worry about anything as this time nature didn’t give him another chance.

The Sneaker Danger


Clardy, a man who got into a fight with a guy named John, hitting him with his shoes multiple times, was given a 100-year jail sentence. He tried to sue NIKE claiming that the manufacturer had failed to warn him about the dangers of Air Jordans, the ones he was wearing at the time of crime.

Batman, Turkey & Batman, the movie[o['p

Hüseyin Kalkan, the mayor of the Turkish city; Batman, sued Christopher Nolan and the Warner Bros for using the city’s name without his consent and claims that the city should receive royalties for using its name. He also stated that “there’s only one Batman in the world”

How did this guy even become the mayor in the first place.


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