Top 10 Weirdest And Bizarre Competitions Around The World

Everything becomes 100 times better when it is turned into a competition.

Following are the top 10 most craziest and bizarre competitions held around the world.

1. Extreme Ironing: A competition which has given a boring house chore a new light. All you need is to take an ironing board and few pieces of laundry to a remote location and iron them. This can involve ironing laundry on top of a mountain, underwater or in any extreme location/condition.

Location: Started in Leicester in 1997, it’s now a worldwide competition.

extreme ironing

2.  Chess Boxing: As the name suggests it is a combination of chess and boxing. Boxers box for five 3-minute rounds and in-between the rounds they mentally challenge themselves to win an ongoing chess game. Participant can win by either a checkmate or a knockout.

Location: Netherlands

chess boxing .jpg

3. Bed Race: A team of five which includes four runners who run and push the bed along  and the rider who rides on the four wheeled bed. The pathway includes steep grassy bank , the parkland and the scenic water side. To make it more challenging the teams have to push the bed along and pass through crowded market places. The one to cross the finish line is declared a winner

Location: Knaresborough

bed racing

4. Bee Wearing Competition: The participant who attracts and carries the heaviest swarm of bees is declared a winner.

Location: China

bee wearing

5. World Stone Skimming Championship: Who remembers spending lazy Sunday afternoons with their family near a lake , pond or beach and having mini skimming competitions with your siblings , cousins or friends. Turns out it has become a huge competition and hundreds of people from Scotland, Wales, Britain, Netherlands, US and India take part each year. Participants who manage to break previous records can also get their name in the Guinness Book of World Record.

Location: Scotland

worl skimming

6. Air Guitar Competition: People allow themselves to let loose and enjoy rock and metal music while dancing , playing an air guitar and showing their amazing moves. Every year participants from US, Australia, UK and many other countries take part.

Location: Finland


7. Toe Wrestling: People with strong and good control over their feet/toe movement take part in this competition where they face their opponent toe to toe in a face-off (toe-off? ).

Location: Derbyshire, Great Britain


8. Pancake Racing: Contestants run a marathon but with pancakes in the pan, if that wasn’t as it is challenging, they have to flip the pancake 4 times before passing the pan to  their teammate. The entire team which crosses the finish line is a winner.

Location: United Kingdom

pancake race

9. Bossaball: It is playing volleyball on a trampoline. Team to score 25 points wins.

Location: Spain


10: Beard and Moustache Championship: It might be considered a man’s pride to grow facial hair in some parts of the world . However, a competition where men flaunt their healthy and creatively coiffed beards and moustaches is totally crazy.

Location: Worldwide




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