Top10 times ‘The Simpsons’ Correctly Predicted The Future

The Simpsons. Who doesn’t love them? It is one of the few shows where most of the audience can relate to some aspect of the Simpson Family. Since 1989, The Simpsons have been making us laugh over our daily life struggles; whether it be in school, at work or family life.

Interestingly, this show has been predicting events which have occurred recently and not once but more times than one can count on his fingers. Below are the top10 times The Simpsons correctly predicted the future.

  1. Donald Trump as US President – In 2000 The Simpsons predicted that Donald Trump would one day become the US president.                                                                        presii
  2. Faulty vote machine – Season 20, episode 4 showed Homer trying to vote for Barack Obama but the faulty machine changed his vote. Similarly, in 2012 a faulty machine in Pennsylvania kept on changing votes for Barack Obama to one of the republicans.                                                                             homer ad barack obama
  3. Mutated Tomatoes – In 1999, Simpsons episode showed that Homer uses something to make the plants grow faster and bigger but he ended up with highly addictive tomacos. These tomacos looked like tomatoes but tasted like tobacco. In 2013, mutated tomatoes along with other vegetables, also mutated, were found growing near a nuclear plant in Japan.                                                                                                                tomaccoos
  4. Robotic Librarians – 23 years ago in an episode called ‘Lisa’s wedding’ , Lisa’s college librarian was a robot. Fast Forward to 2011, robots retrieve books in University of Chicago’s new library within a span of 3 minutes.                                                              library
  5. The horse meat scandal – The Simpsons saw it coming before anyone of us did. In 1994, Doris, the lunch lady used horse meat to to make lunch at Springfield Elementary School. 20 years later it was revealed by the authorities that what we thought was beef was actually horse meet and we’ve been consuming it without even realizing.                                                                                                                              meat
  6. The Ebola Outbreak – It is said that the Ebola outbreak was predicted by The Simpsons in the episode ‘Lisa’s sax’ in 1997.                                                                          ebola
  7. The tiger attack – In season 5, episode 10 entertainers, Gunter and ernst were attacked by one of their tigers. Later in 2003 Roy of Siegfried and Roy were also  mauled by one of their tigers.                                                                                                                                    tigerss
  8. Three-eyed fish. In the episode ‘Two cars in every garage and three eyes on every fish’, Bart catches a three eyed Blinky fish in the river near a power plant. Years later, three eyed fish was caught in a reservoir near a nuclear power plant in Argentina.              Collage 2018-02-20 22_07_15
  9. Letters from the Beatles – In one of the episodes aired in 1991, Ringo took forever to reply to his fans. 20 years later 2 fans from Essex received a reply to their letter and recording by Paul McCartney after 50 years.                                                                beatles
  10. Disney buys 21st Century Fox – It was predicted in 1998 by the show and in December 2017, it was announced that Disney paid $52.4 and bought the 21st century Fox.        disney                                                                                                            Previously on Top10

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