Top10 WTH Facts!!

*Drum roll*

Presenting you Top10 WTH facts of all time!

  1. You might have heard or used this phrase “dying from laughter” before. However, did you know that there are at least 10 recorded cases of people literally dying from laughter.                                   laugh.jpg
  2. After his funeral, Charlie Chaplin’s corpse was dug up and held for ransom for two months.                                                                               d5d84cbc92936c86a78f4f76f72fb48a
  3. The shortest war on record lasted for 38-45 minutes in total. The Anglo-Zanzibar war began and ended on August 27, 1896.          223px-Zanzibar_palace_after_low
  4. Lucky Lady aka Anna Mae Dickinson is quite possibly the luckiest woman ever. She survived the sinking of both; the Titanic and Lusitania, the Hindenburg explosion, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and when she was 97, the destruction of her apartment during the 9/11 terror attack.         not-anna-mae-dickinson
  5. In the early 1930s, sewing flour sacs into clothing became quite popular, that flour companies began selling flour in decorative bags intended for future repurposing into clothing.                                                                   112
  6. Fine art action figures are a thing. Edward Murch’s ‘The Scream’ has been turned into an action figure which has bendable joints that allows you to contort it into a variety of sassy poses.uk91lo0yawmeb0tmhhwv
  7. Did you know dentures were crafted using teeth taken from the mouths of the deceased soldiers, before the proper dentures came in the mid 1800s. 3D-dentures-teeth-gums_200
  8. Jessica Harrison created a pair of fake eyelashes out of dead fly legs.flylash
  9. Mexican general Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna held an entire state funeral for his leg after it was amputated.                              be031070_1024x1024
  10. Did you know the horned toad can squirt blood out of its eyes.63971_1_1280x720_640x360_177593923639

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